River Monster – Bryn – Chapter 7

Jim and his father were shouting “Bob, Bob where are you?” Then they saw bubbles on the water and a body appeared. It was floating away from them. They were too late. Bob had already been ripped to pieces. They pulled his body what was left of it out of the water. The villagers came and brought them blankets and cups of hot cocoa to warm them up. One of the villagers saw Bob’s body and said “this is similar to what happened to my brother a few years ago. What did this to him?” “I don’t know” said Jim.



cup by Daniel

Cups, you think they are normal but that is a big fat lie.You might think I’m crazy but that is not true. Lets think back all those years ago, when the massive cups landed, nobody knew what they were , except me. I remember  how they plunged into the ground, making holes everywhere. We have not seen the end of them . The army killed the chief cup, so they will get revenge soon. They are coming for earth!! They will destroy everything in its path. Any minute now they will be here to destroy us, ‘Jefe pack my bag and book the flight’ Boom. ‘Seriously!!’

the tea cup smasher by Elie 12/03/18

He was here, the tea cup smasher has arrived, with his army… of tea cups .Thow there were in porclein so we killed them all and when the last tea cops fell and the giant crumble to the floor we all said in unison “We’ll you surrender?” The giant replied saying                                                                                         “Never.” then we will destroy you. then he takled us to the ground.”Know hows laughing now heh?

“Its us!” mentor cried. But he got cought in his flit and got strangled and died.”He killed mentor charge!” Then the giant stomped its foot and we all got killed.





The Zombie Cup Luca S

The screaming eventually subsided. Percy raced to the source of the noise. He froze. An army of zombies shuffled towards him. He told his legs to move but he was paralysed in fear. The zombies closed in. Suddenly, his legs could move again. He grabbed a cup, taking  a huge gulp to quench his thirst. He dropped the cup. His arms and legs fell off and grey, bloody ones sprouted. He was turning into a zombie! He turned and saw a human. Percy drew a rusty sword and lopped off the human’s head. What have I done? Percy thought, horrified.

The killer chapter 5 Luca G-B

A blinding light filled my eyes with wonder as I started floating up the air. A golden figure holding me in here hands like a feather. I looked around and realised I was high above ground, wind slapping my face. “who are you” I asked inquisitively , she didn’t respond, her hair golden flapped on my face. I looked up and saw a  white and golden temple with a city so big and beautiful I just could not be real. With fear I realised this city was in the clouds. I turned around  saw a tall man,” I am your father” he said.