It was just another day at boring school, until IT happened… you see it was playtime when this happened, I just saw a little speck in the sky; at first I thought it was an aeroplane, but then somebody said, “AAAaah, it’s a giant phone hurtling towards us!” I made a run for it. Three hours later, our city was demolished by giant couches, teacups, clocks and most of all… books. My parents were both dead. How did they die you ask? Well, they got crushed by a massive book while they were in the house. So that is how IT happened…


As the stone of resurrection  fell, so did Tim. Both smashing to the ground, both dying. As they both fell shouts of anger rang around Tim, stone men turning into statues, like how the tea cup is not used for dirt then Tim’s pulse stopped but his life didn’t the stone of life was knocked off  the shelf and it fell onto the stone of resurrection smashing it and one of the pieces fell into Tim’s mask and rolled inside his mouth. Tim’s eyes sprung open all fiery and red were his eyes he felt so powerful as he had become the master of all elements.

The Magic Teacup by Guy

The lunging teacup emerged from the sky spinning fast and furious down to the Earth’s surface. The impact of the teacup swallowing the grass that it landed upon , it created such a tourist attraction for not only humans but for wildlife as well . Everyone was amazed not just by the size of the teacup but how it arrived. The teacup was still in one piece even though it fell from the sky. This was the mystery behind the magic teacup. People would come from miles away just to take selfies with the teacup. They loved it! But how did it arrive…

River Monster – Bryn – Chapter Six

The monster had pulled Jim under the freezing water and was spinning him round.  Jim was struggling to breath.  He was fighting for his life but the monster was too strong.  He kept going to the top to catch a breath but the monster was pulling him down.  Suddenly Jim started to fade away.  That is when Jim felt his father’s hand grabbing him and pulling him up.  The water was freezing.  He smashed his head through ice. It was snowing heavily.  The tree monsters were freezing as they left the water. But where was Bob?  Jim’s friend had disappeared.

what if by Daniel

‘If  i was in charge i would change a few things, just a few. you might be wondering what I would change?  Maybe school, make it shorter and more green, more parks should I say. The thing  I would do is change car engines to electric engines. I wonder what would you change…. sorry,it is not a question if you think i was asking you question just run a lap off regents park, i am timing it, run faster. Sorry got a little off topic there. More importantly the main questions  that everyone is asking is what…….”