The assassins Luca g-b

Flickering torches gleamed in the darkness of the gloomy tunnel. Blood splattered on the floor. I heard  the clip clap of shoes echoing, sending a chill down my spine. I took my knife out  of its harness. A piercing scream filled the room, my sister was in trouble. I ran and came across a old man. The left part of his face had withered away. I was trapped in a cycle! He said in a strained voice, “come son”, and led me to a winding pathway. A long deadly snake slithered past me, he rasped, “I can save your sister’s life”.

The murderer 22/01/18 Luca S

“Arrrgghh!” Tom heard piercing screams and raced into the kitchen.
His wife, Mary, lay sprawled across the floor, her lifeless body in a red pool of blood. Tom rang Mr Canner, the detective, who cycled to the house to examine the body. He found two holes. “How odd!” exclaimed Mr Canner. “I think I have an idea.” The next day, Mr Canner tied Mary’s body to a pole and waited. He glanced at the clock. It was before twelve. Suddenly, he heard rustling and saw a snake! It saw him and slithered down a hole. Where it went, nobody knows!

The wars of death chapter 1 by Charles 22/1/2017

Bam! Crack! Shatter!

The lightning struck with force as the little house wobbled against the tree. Tim, who was dashing through the rain of which seemed to hate him clouds shooting almost frozen droplets at him soon to evaporate in the morning. Although he was training to become a ninja the rain drops still hurt but not any ninja a fire ninja of course you should know a fire ninja is in a legion of others hating the water but alliance with the earth and lightning ninjas all against the water,ice and energy but he had been beaten down over and over again at training. But this much rain means the water tribe is coming with the drops so cold then theres the ice following the energy are also tagging along to probably strike from behind there it was the red snake the war symbol saying get home before the clock the war cycle was easy though get home and wait but not today…

the killer hand by elie 22/01/18

There once was a city. There were million of people in it and was very popular. But then something went wrong in the laboratories and created The Hand. It escaped the laboratories and was never found again and now ten years later it has come back. It was identified only after thousands of people had been killed. People started evacuating the city but The Hand followed. They were all getting murdered one by one. They all died a different death. Some were squashed, some were suffocated. They all got killed, all of them. Until a small group killed The Hand. They had saved the city.


the Hand by daniel

The Hand; nobody knows where it came from,  nobody has seen it. People think it is a fib, but we’re not sure. People joke about it. One night people heard sounds, they heard and felt tickles. Not ordinary tickles from your mum or dad, they pressed on your heart and soul. The next day people found fingerprints everywhere. People screamed, every one thought it was the hand ,the mayor was worried as people started moving.  A few months later nearly everybody moved from the town and finally the mayor was the only person left. The  mayor said “I will  find it and i will kill it”. The next day he set off. Days turned into months which turned into years and  still no mayor. Since the mayor was not there the town was isolated. Today there are no remains of the town. Everybody wonders, is the hand still alive?????