WARS OF DEATH CHAPTER 6 [the slaughter starts] BY CHARLES 5th MARCH

“Why won’t you  just die?!!!!!!” Tim shouted, his sword thrusting into the gold fish’s stomach, just missing The masked one “Nooooo master !” The masked one cried.  “Wait, he’s your master?” Tim questioned. CRASH!!!! An army of stone men ran in trampling The Masked One. They threw spears at a huge water monster as it yelled “Die Tim die!” Tim ran up, whispering a fortune and his sword lit on fire. The monster screamed in agony as it pierced his skin.  Then a huge water blast filled Tim’s lungs and destroyed him from the inside as the stone of resurrection fell.If only I was in charge of life Tim thought.

The War Luca S

I stood in a trance, mesmerized by his bloodshot  eyes. His misshapen face glowered down at me. There was a shout of disbelief and soon everyone was protesting. Was this our new leader? “SILENCE!” he bellowed. “We attack at dawn. Spies, tonight  you gather as much information about their plans.” “Cryptor, you and your men guard the fortress.” “Yes sir.” Cryptor spat. “Oh, I nearly forgot, we are electing someone to be second in command. Uh oh I thought. I would be terrible at that. Don’t be silly, no one will pick you. But what if I was in charge… 



The Parallel Fantasy-05/03/2018-Rishad

UUugh! Another dismal day at school. I don’t even know why my parents would send me to this rotten prison… I LOATHE IT! I wish we, the outstanding children, were in charge of school for once. I’m going to bed now (miserably).

The next day at school…

Erm, what’s happening? Why’s Mr Jeff sitting in my chair? Why’s he wearing the school uniform?

“Good-morning sir,” they chant in unison “Will you teach us our history lesson?” They all ask inquisitively.


“What did you learn today?” asked the elderly teacher/student.

“We learnt that Isaac Newton cut down a cherry tree”.

Luca g-b The killer Chapter 4

The goldfish opened his mouth, millions of sharp white teeth row after row. Its eyes bloodshot and lips full of blood. I shot the gun at it but it just bounced of his impenetrable armour of gold, two men held it with chains  of obsidian. A sword appeared next to me ,fight” with valour” someone whispered. I ran towards the goldfish, dodging his angry snapping mouth. I jumped onto the goldfishes back, agitated it swung side to side trying to throw me of. I flew to the side of the room and felt teeth chomping me to pieces. Is this what death feels like?

River Monster -Chapter 5- Bryn

“Swim!!” shouted Jim.  “We have to swim away from those brown tree monsters”. They were slowly coming towards them.  They had no chance.   Suddenly a ladder flew through the air towards them.  Jim scrambled up it and pulled his friend up with him.  When they got to the top of the ladder they saw Bob, Jim’s dad, on his boat ‘The Gorgeous Goldfish’. “Dad!” said Jim.  “Son I thought we had lost you, I thought they had got you!”.  They hugged each other.  then a branch appeared and smashed the boat, demolishing it and sending them back into the water.