River Monster -Bryn-Chapter 4 Copy

They all were splattered with blood .Suddenly the stone warriors burst threw the door. Where were the men?  They had climbed up the drain pipe that led towards the river. Suddenly there was an enormous bang!  The drain pipe collapsed and they fell into the river.  It was cold and they struggled to move. “AHHH!” something grabbed Jim’s friend’s leg and he disappeared under the water.  It was only Jim and his other friend Bob left.  They turned around, their village was on fire.  It was destroyed.  In the distance they saw trees moving. They were walking it was impossible.



Tim was screaming as he was being dragged through the forest and the person dragging him was mostly what Tim was afraid of as he was THE MASKED ONE. Up a brown ladder  down  the hollow tree trunk and through an underground tunnel that lead up to a hole in a cave with pots and pans and for some reason a goldfish. slowly THE MASKED ONE spoke “how did you do it?” he asked

“do what?” a shaky reply of Tim’s voice answered back

“kill the water emperor.” THE MASKED ONE REPLIED “so I can do it to you.”

goldfish by Daniel of

A few years ago there was a goldfish ,not just any ordinary  goldfish, a weird one. He was not orange, he was brown. He lived in a big tank. It had a house that he would sleep and play in. It had two floors, a ladder leading into the next floor.He had a very peculiar owner that at night would leave and  in the morning he would be back. One day the goldfish decided to go with him. He jumped into his pocket,and the man started walking to the door. He turned off the light,and took his keys and closed the door slowly ‘click’

The Bloody Heart-Chapter 2-26/02/18-By Rishad

Jamie stood in horror as he gazed at the heart. He slowly climbed the brown wooden ladder to the top of the drainpipe, and in no time he found himself staring fearfully at his dead  brother. He couldn’t take his eyes off the corpse. For hours he stayed with his brother, shooing  the crows away as they flew on to the dead body.He held on to his hand tightly as the shadows were falling across the sun remembering how they used to go fishing for goldfish with their dad.  As he’s walking to the front door he hears a roar,  he looks up, he gasps, numb and paralysed by fear .

The Cyborg by Luca S 26/02/18

The cyborg slowly climbed his brown ladder and dissolved into the shadows as two guards walked past. They stopped. One of them said “Something isn’t right, is it?” But the other guard was dead! “Sound the alarm!” bellowed the guard as his throat was slit. The guard’s eyes bulged like a goldfish, blood pouring from  his wound. But the alarm had already been sounded. The cyborg flew out. That was close, he thought. But my mission is to kill the king. He glided towards the king. He lashed out at him and drove his dagger  through the evil king’s heart.