The Stone Family 29/01/18 Luca S

I know you’re wondering why we’re all stone. It started at the beach. My daughter wanted to be a mermaid. We decided to go to the wizard. I told him what Izzy wanted. He handed Izzy a bottle. Pressing a coin into his outstretched hand, I watched as he opened a chest full of coins. I must steal this, I thought to myself. So I snuck into his house and stole the chest. But as soon as I touched it, an alarm went off. The  wizard saw me and muttered a word  and my whole family got turned into stone!

Rock Solid by Rishad 29/01/18

It was a bright sunny day, Rocksanne, Rockford and little Rocky stood staring at the gates, waiting for the hordes of people to enter. “Rock Solid”, the world’s most exciting exhibition of families preserved in rock was having it’s grand opening in Singapore. “I’m so excited”, said Rockford. “Me too” , said Rocksanne. “Me three”,  said little Rocky. The crowd’s eyes were all transfixed, like a magnet, on the Rock family, Suddenly there was a deafening cheer, the manager was about to cut the ribbon with a gigantic pair of golden, glittering scissors. The Rock family are jubilant, because they know they are the STAR ATTRACTION!

The Levy’s Guy

One summers day in the month of June there was a family of three the mother was called Susan the father was named Bill and the child was called Danny. Danny was a football addict , he lived for football and even dreamt about it! One day he wished to play in a amazing team when he grew up.  When Danny woke up he saw a note on his door saying :Don’t join the team it’s a mistake! He joined the team what his parents said didn’t matter . In the game he scored but it was then that he realised that joining was a mistake so he quit football.

The River Monster by Bryn – Chapter One

The mist cleared over the gloomy looking river.  He was there alone.  It was just him, Jim, on his boat the Sea Snake.  He stared into the water and  he saw a dead body.  The water around it had turned red from the blood.  He knew he was not alone.  He looked at the clock.  It was just before midnight.  He saw a splash in the water and he panicked and headed for the shore.  He would be safe there . But he was wrong .  He planned to cycle home but his bike was gone . He was lost, by himself alone .