The Stone Family 29/01/18 Luca S

I know you’re wondering why we’re all stone. It started at the beach. My daughter wanted to be a mermaid. We decided to go to the wizard. I told him what Izzy wanted. He handed Izzy a bottle. Pressing a coin into his outstretched hand, I watched as he opened a chest full of coins. I must steal this, I thought to myself. So I snuck into his house and stole the chest. But as soon as I touched it, an alarm went off. The  wizard saw me and muttered a word  and my whole family got turned into stone!

2 thoughts on “The Stone Family 29/01/18 Luca S”

  1. Hi Luca S,
    Well done on such an imaginative 100 Word Challenge! A great example of why you shouldn’t mess with a wizard…
    Your spelling and grammar are excellent. Keep up the great work!

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