The killer Chapter 2 Luca g-b 19.2.18

I struggled to break free as I twisted and turned gurgling blood. The monster carried me to an abandoned house near the garbage site and threw me in a dark cramped room. “What do you want”! I screamed as he left the room. I sat down defeated against the cold rough stone. There were two guard’s made out of trees  outside the door holding  long swords staring at me.” Lets go”,  said one, as they paced down the corridor. This was my chance. I banged the door as hard as I could until it flung open as I started running.

4 thoughts on “The killer Chapter 2 Luca g-b 19.2.18”

  1. I didn’t understand ” as I twisted and turned gurgling blood.” at first because it sounded like the blood was gurgling as you twisted and turned it. Add a comma next time, OK? But, it was the only one I’ve seen so far that had something to do w/ the promt. ¯ \ _ ( ツ ) _ / ¯

  2. Hi Luca. One thing that I liked about your story was that it was scary.I liked it because it was scary.I love scary things.I think you should work on adding more detail about the situation because I didn’t under stand the part about gurgling blood.

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