The killer chapter 5 Luca G-B

A blinding light filled my eyes with wonder as I started floating up the air. A golden figure holding me in here hands like a feather. I looked around and realised I was high above ground, wind slapping my face. “who are you” I asked inquisitively , she didn’t respond, her hair golden flapped on my face. I looked up and saw a  white and golden temple with a city so big and beautiful I just could not be real. With fear I realised this city was in the clouds. I turned around  saw a tall man,” I am your father” he said.

One thought on “The killer chapter 5 Luca G-B”

  1. I liked how you ended the story with suspense which makes the author think about what’s going to happen next. You used a lot of punctuation. I think you could improve it by making it make more sense because I didn’t understand it when you wrote ‘her hair golden flapped on my face’ In conclusion I really liked your story.

    By Guy

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